I’m from a place straight off a picture-perfect postcard. That helps the art brain.

I’ve been drawing from a very young age, and even had work in galleries in grade school. In high school I was chosen (along with three other people) to participate in an advanced art program. That year, my art was displayed at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. I will always see that as one of my grandest accomplishments.

I’m a photographer too. Armed with my trusty and beloved Canon 77D, I get lost in capturing intriguing and colourful images. I credit my love of photography to my grandfather. He once told me I have an eye for it, and the passion grew from there.

I’ve got my hands in sculpting, graphic design, painting, and (with the help of my boyfriend, Brian) wood crafts! We’ve recently created a variety of seasonal decor, and will be experimenting and creating more in our free time.

Little things like cute dogs, plants, thrift shopping, and the sound of ocean waves are where I find contentment. I enjoy cooking and baking, and find huge gratification in people enjoying what I make. I am very lucky to spend my working days in an office on the beach. Family is beyond important to me. I like good coffee and craft beer. Running is a fun and stress-relieving past time. Hmm… Purple is my favourite colour and dahlias are my favourite flower.

If you want to know more about me or my work, read my blog, find me on facebook or send me an email: everythingerika@hotmail.com.

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